Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tried some energy supplements on the Reedy River 10K!

I decided to test out some energy supplement during this race. Here is my diet before the run.

I awoke about 6:45 AM. I rolled out of bed and ambled to the kitchen and ate an orange. Between 7:30 and 8:00 I downed one bottle of Gatorade. I left for the race a little before 8 to make sure I got there with enough time to warm up before the 9 am gun time. At approximately 8:20 I ate a banana. About 20 minutes before the race I drank a bottle of ABB Ripped Force Ephedra free Energy Formula. I finished the bottle at about 8:50. I decided on that because I have consumed them before after racquetball and never had a problem with them as far as digestion goes. I also brought a GU Roctane for later in the run.

The weather was beautiful for the run on Saturday. Main Street downtown was filled with runners and by standers. After visiting the always exciting port-a-johns a couple of times I was ready to do the run. I did not feel jittery from the ABB Ripped Force however I had an enhanced feeling of well being. I did not want to overdo it today so I set my watch for 8:15 miles. Last year I started out too quick and was dead tired by mile 4. I just wanted to have a good fun run today.

Mile one went by very quickly. I was spot on the 8:15 per mile pace. By mile two I had sped up slightly but I was still near the 8:15 per mile pace. I felt very good and was not losing my wind so I sped up some more. I missed the markers for miles 3 and 4. I am not sure if I was day dreaming or something. I had my Garmin set on the workouts screen so the actual miles run setting was not on the screen. According to my watch I was .12 miles ahead of pace. I switched the watch screen to distance and noticed I was at 4.3 miles which surprised me greatly. I thought at best I was just passing 3 miles or so.

I felt very good at 4.3 miles and decided to suck down the GU Roctane that I brought along. This one has some caffeine in it. It took about 3 tenths of a mile to actually eat it all. I have a lot of hayfever and my nose is never very clear so I am a mouth breather. Trying to eat a gelatinous substance like the GU
Roctane and breath through your mouth at the same time is very difficult.

When I got to the McDaniel Hill I still felt good. I actually powered up the hill and it seemed like nothing today. I got to the turn off and still felt great so I sped up some more. I was a little apprehensive when I saw the final hill on East Broad Street before the finish line. I almost walked that hill last year. Again, I had great energy and powered up that hill at a good pace. As I rounded the corner I could see the finish line. I noticed the clock was just past 49 minutes. I really wanted to beat the 50 minute mark so I sprinted in the last bit through the finish. I had a gun time of 49:53.

I felt really good at the end. I only beat my time last year by 15 seconds. However, last year I was completely wasted at the end of the race, this year I felt full of energy. So the question is: am I in better shape this year or did those energy drinks and gel help out? Whether it was all in my brain or not I believe the supplements do improve my performance. Will I take them at each race, no. The energy supplements scare me a little. I don’t want my heart to freak out and quit on me! Using the ABB Ripped Force never made me feel nervous or jittery. I also did not fell overly energized. But I did have a very good run.

Another interesting side item is I met a runner using the Vibrams 5 Fingers! He said he loves them and will never run in anything else. He is probably in his mid 50s and looked in good physical shape. That gives me more incentive to run in them now!

Have a great day!


  1. They are more heel striker, so it is very difficult to try to run the ball in the legs. Probably ended up landing flat-footed. I also tried to shorten my stride and speed up my leg turnover. I have heard that the fastest runners are bigger than we are in a slow cadence of the children.

  2. I am running a 10K in Apri, its my first and I was just googling about for tips and came across your blog, just what I need, comments from someone who has actually done a 10K recently.

    I currently run 4-5 times a week, my furthest distance has been 8K so far. i have been able to keep an average pace of 5.3m/km and thats roughly your starting pace at the race u did. I want to do a sub 50min race, I am looking to improve. Do you really think the energy drinks worked? i haven't used any suppliment but now I am considering starting to use Gels. What do you think?

    Any tips?

    Thanks for your story, its an encouragement.

  3. I apologize for not writing in the blog lately. I am still running. I get varying results with the energy drinks. I really like the ABB Ripped Force Ephedra free Energy Formula because it also puts me in a good mood (don't know if that is a good idea or not). However, I tried to run with one of the ABB on the Paris Mountain 7K and I think I almost killed myself. I made it about 1.5 miles and my heart rate shot up to 193 BPM. I have never seen it that high so I walked for a bit. I was wasted the rest of the run but I made it. I have not used an energy drink for a run since then. I actually feel like I run better eating a banana before I race! I still occasionally will eat a gel during a run but I can't honestly say whether it helps or not.