Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Born to Run versus Designed to Run

I read and thoroughly enjoyed the book by Christopher McDougall, Born to Run. However, there was one section in the book that bothered me a bit and that is the part of the book that explained how we evolved our running ability. I am a born again Christian, however, I am not going to use this blog as a means of spreading Christianity. There are other methods for that and this is a blog about running. That being said, I just ask you to read this blog through with an open mind. I am not trying to convert anyone to Christianity with this blog. All I ask is you do not allow any of your previous schooling or back ground to influence you. Just open you mind and actually sit back and think for yourself.
I had believed that humans evolved from simple organisms the first 33 years of my life. I watched the series Life on Earth and believed every bit of it concerning how all creatures evolved from simple life forms. One day a friend of mine challenged my beliefs. He gave a simple example. Suppose you are walking through the woods and you found a watch on the ground. You pick up the watch and listen to it and realize it is still ticking and operating perfectly. The time of day is correct. Now, ask this question, did someone design and build that watch or did it just evolve from the natural elements in the ground? You would not even question that for a second. You would say that someone designed and built that watch. Now, compared to a human is a watch more complex or less complex? Obviously humans are infinitely more complex than a watch. So, did humans just evolve from the elements or were we designed. From the moment my friend challenged my beliefs I decided to do some research into the “fact” of evolution.
I am a design engineer. Since I was a child I have enjoyed taking things apart to see how they were designed and assembled. When I look at the human body all I can do is marvel at the intricate design. I do not see a random mindlessly evolved life form. I see a well designed being. Look at your hand. How did that evolve? Start to question what you see. In the book Born to Run the author discusses how wonderfully evolved the human foot is. The bone structure that makes up the arch in your foot is perfect for absorbing the shock load when we walk and run. Our ankles can swivel and bend as necessary to keep you stable on rough terrain. And when you think about it just being able to walk on two legs is a miracle. I say the foot is designed not evolved.
So I ask you to do this next time you are running. Look at what you are doing. Look at the birds flying by held up by air that we can’t even see. Listen to the dogs barking at you as you go by. You are hearing vibrations in the air and your brain is taking the signals from your ears and interpreting them to let you know a dog is barking. A mysterious force named gravity is holding you to the ground. What is gravity? Has anyone really given an adequate explanation for gravity? It all seems a little too perfect doesn’t it? I believe this world was created. And whether you believe it or not, there are a lot of other people out there (including biologist and scientist) that believe evolution is a farce.
So again, I ask, think about it. Really think about it! Were you carefully and lovingly designed or did some mindless process called evolution make you? Even if you don’t believe in God I still challenge you. Did someone design us? Who was this designer?
Thank about it! Don’t just write it off. Your life may depend on it.

Have a great day.

PS: I apologize for the diversion from running.


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