Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Hello, this is my blog of my attempt to start barefoot running.

I am now 46 and have been running for the past few years. During that time I have slowly been "falling apart". I have blamed it on getting older, my gait, my shoes, my genes, the running surface, etc. So far I currently have or have had the following injuries:

1. Patellar tendonitus
2. Plantar fasciitis
3. IT band pain
4. Sciatic nerve pain
5. Heel pain
6. Back pain
7. Calf tears-those are very disabling
8. Torn hamstring

In attempt to reduce my injuries I have been trying different ideas. I have tried better shoes, different brands of shoes, cutting my shoes, stretching, othopaedic shoe inserts (expensive ones), glucosamine-chondrotin, running on the grass, exercising with weights, reading running books, visiting specialist, rehab clinics, and probably many other ideas that I have forgotten. After all that I still have most of the listed injuries.
I then heard of barefoot running. Many people claim that running barefoot strengthens your feet, improves your gait, and actually reduces your injuries. I went on Barefoot Ted's website and read through some of his suggestions. I also read the book "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall. In his book there is a tribe named the Tamahurara that can run for days in simple sandals. I thoroughly enjoyed that book except for the portion on evolution (more on that later). If you love running you need to read "Born to Run". Just reading the book made me want to go out and run 50 miles!
I have now purchased the Vibram 5-Finger minimal shoes. These shoes are supposed to be as close to running barefoot as possible without actually running barefoot. Today, Tuesday, February 16th, was my first attempt to jog in them.
My post is named Running with Sasquatch because when my wife first saw the Vibram 5-Fingers on my feet she said they looked like sasquatch feet.
God bless you and have a wonderful day.

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