Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I apologize for not blogging!

I am still running! Since my injury last year (about this time) I have never fully returned to my running ability. I was close to a 7 minute mile for a 5k but now I am back in the sub 8 minute/mile. I am still using the Vibram 5 fingers and I am also using the Nike Free. I really like the Nike Frees. They feel really good and light.
I ran the Milliken Earth run in the Vibrams last weekend. It was very good. I planned on an 8 minute/mile pace but I went a little faster. I did start tiring at the end but I finished the race in good shape. I ended up with a 7:49 min/mile pace. Not too bad for me. I did not see anyone else in the Vibrams. Maybe this barefoot craze is dying out again. I try to run in the Vibrams at least once a week if not more.
I am still working on my cadence. I have to really concentrate on my cadence in order to get it to 88-90. Maintaining that is really hard. Even if I try to go at a 10 minute/mile pace with a high cadence I get tired out. They have a Chi running clinic at my sports club that I go to. I am thinking of trying that clinic. I know that the trainer suggest the 88-90 foot cadence. Maybe chi running can help me attain the higher cadence. I believe that a high cadence will get my speed back up and most importantly reduce my chance of injury. A friend of mine at work runs a lot of marathons and he reduced his stride and increased his cadence and found that his injury rate when down. Plus for a guy over 50 he is fast!

Have a good day!


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