Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Latest Goals

Run a 5K at 7:00 min/mile pace
Run 11K, 7K, and 15K Paris Mountain Trail Runs in Vibrams.
Increase cadence up to 88 BPM

To achieve the above goals I’m using Rick Kattouf’s training program. My company started the 12 week exercise program through Team Kattouf about 8 weeks ago. This program encompasses my meals and exercise regimen. I like a lot of Rick Kattouf’s ideas. Lately, instead of going by pace during my training runs I have been using heart rate training. As mentioned in previous post I am one of those “special” people with a high heart rate. When I am at rest my heart rate will drop down into the low 50s sometimes even the high 40s. However, when I start to exercise my heart rate will shoot up very fast and high. Just my warm up jog is usually a 134-144 effort. Rick Kattouf had me perform a lactate threshold test and he developed a special heart rate zone program for me.
My heart rate zones follow: Zone 1 = 134-144, Zone 2 = 145-154, Zone 3 = 155-164, Zone 4 = 165-174, Zone 5 = 175-184.
Each training run that I do has a different goal. Sometimes the goal is to keep the HR in Zone 2 for a long run (1-1/2 hours). Other runs may have me doing intervals from Zone 2 to Zone 4 for different durations. Every once in a while I throw in a run of my own. I love to jog down to the track near where I work and do a 1 mile run as fast as I can go. My record so far is 6:39 min/mile. However, that was before Christmas and my training did drop off some at the beginning of the year. However, I am back on course and barring any injuries, I am going to try and hit the 6:30 min/mile in April.
Rick Kattouf has also improved my strength training regimen. I work out twice a week for about 50 minutes. This is a very intense program with minimal resting between sets. Since I have stated Rick Kattouf’s program I have dropped 5 pounds. I am hoping to drop below 180 this week. At the end of last year my training dropped off and I slowly gained weight until I hit a high of about 188. I am glad that I have worked it back down to 180. My goal is go get down to 175 pounds.

To summarize:
1. I am now training to heart rate zones and duration instead of pace and distance.
2. I am still working on increase my cadence.
3. I have added strength training.

Quote of the day: “A gentle word of compliment falls lightly but it carries a great weight.”

Have a great day.


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